Monday, March 21, 2011

My Dreams

These have been my dreams ever since I've been a little kid until now. Enjoy!!!!

- to live in New York City in and apartment

100 cats
 - to have 100 cats

- to work and own a veterinarian hospital

- to be a meteorologist on the weather channel

 Do you have any dreams??????????????

my apartment [ turn you head sideways ]

vet office

the weather channel


  1. Wow 100 cats! All at the same time?

  2. I want to live with my mom.If I cant live with her then i will live near her.I want to be a fashion desinr and a supermodel.i would have cats & dogs.maybe i will be a librairan like my mom.

  3. or i will work in theAmerican Girl store in New York.

  4. Winnie,

    I love the new background to your blog. Very spring-like! The apartment building you posted looks like the one we saw on Central Park West the day we met A and P in NYC! I hope you have a spare bedroom for your Mom and Dad!