Monday, January 24, 2011

My Story "Trouble"


Okay, so, I can get into a lot of trouble Like yesterday, I was playing baseball and smashed my cranky neighbor's window. And Thursday, I was playing basketball with the boys and " by accident" whacked Roger, the sensitive boy in the head. So this is me, Anny Popper.

My alarm clock went off at 6:30 am. Perfect timing so I can go off to Dunkin Inc. with my dad. When we got home we clicked on the TV [ because we watch a lot of that ] Now, we live in New Orleans, Louisiana, so in August, like it is now, where pron to Hurricanes. But on TV, a tropical storm Katrina has formed in the Gulf. My parents are worried.


I was playing outside today, and Mrs. Wilson [ the cranky neighbor ] trudged up to me. She said she was furious with me. And she said that I had to pay for a new window. So, I by " accident " burped right in her face. And then she asked if my mother and father were home, so I lied and said that they weren't. Then she said that they shouldn't leave me alone. So that was my day with Mrs. Cranky Pants. [ Because She watched me the whole day and found out I lied. ]


Okay, okay, she found out I lied and now I'm grounded 'till Friday. I was watching TV before school and saw down at the bottom of the screen, ALL OF FLORIDA, EVACUATE!!!! The screen transformed to a weather channel where a counterclockwise spinning thing was headed toward Florida. So were safe for this one. Now I needed to figure out how to get a job. So I started looking through my dads " precious " newspapers for job options. I found one for a Sunco gas station. I know I not a girly girl but ewww! And then I came upon the right one, a baseball teacher! Yes!!! Just when I was about to call..... I had to go to school.


First things first, my dad found out that I was looking through his newspapers. So lets just say that no more basketball for a whole week. I am mad. I did my homework and called for the job. And guess what? They said yes! I'm going to be the teacher! But I start tomorrow, and I'm grounded. Hmmm. Oh, and I get twenty bucks each time I teach! Yes! But first I have to figure out how to get to teach........


So I went to school today, and guess what happened? We have no locks on our bathroom stalls. This boy named David comes strolling into the GIRLS BATHROOM!!!! HE opens my stall, and he doesn't even know he is in the girls bathroom! I am peeing on the toilet! David said that he is sorry over and over in school today. How embarrassing.


Today at school, we had to do an all about me. I said I am in fifth grade at P.T. Elementary School. I am almost eleven years old. I have light brown wavy hair. I have green eyes. I am a tomboy. I love baseball and basketball. I always wear my blue tie dyed tee shirt with jeans. And last, I can get into a lot of trouble. Then Mrs. Cranky Pants walks in. I did not know she was a teacher! She must be a bad, cranky one! She said that I owe her 500 bucks in front of everyone. I felt like I could cry. So in front of everyone, I once again burped a louder burp right in her face! Then off to the Principal's office I went.


Remember that spinning thing on t.v. I was talking about? Well, we're in this one apparently. It went off Florida's coast as a category 2 hurricane. It is heading straight for New Orleans! Now it says at the bottom of the screen, ALL OF LOUISIANA, EVACUATE. Like we're evacuating. Florida did not even get hit with 100m.p.h. winds! But on the screen is now a category 5 hurricane.

Remember I went to the Principal's office yesterday? Three whole weeks of after-class clean-up. So unfair. It was all Mrs. Cranky Pants fault. But anyway. Three whole weeks of after-class clean-up. Oh, and I forgot to tell you, I got to go to baseball to teach. I don't know if I am ever going to do it again.


Well, let me tell you about being a baseball teacher. It all started off when this one kid got hurt. (what am I supposed to do?) So I said to him to go sit down until his Mom comes to pick him up. But this was the tricky one. Another kid had to go to the bathroom. (this is a baseball field. I don't know where the bathrooms are!) So, I said to him that there were no bathrooms and he will just have to hold it. But he said that he had to go really bad. So what was I supposed to do send him in the woods?


Everyone says that the category 4 hurricane will be here tomorrow. Almost no one has left. They all probably think the same thing I do. See, everything in my life is serious now. No more fooling around. So everyone prays for this to be the Hurricane Katrina that hit Florida, not a Camille all over again.


Superdome. It is 6:00 p.m. and we've eaten nothing but bread and I have to go to sleep.


We returned home today and the whole roof was gone. But the second floor was perfectly normal. No windows broken or anything. The water damage was pretty bad. The basement/first floor is still left with some water. We really didn't lose that much. Everything just had to dry out. My room was fine, thank God. When all the water recedes, we will have to redo the walls and maybe get a new basement. Even though I still have my house, the most important thing is I still have my family.

By Grace
a house on my road