Monday, July 26, 2010

My Own Mini Mystery

nationwide                                                    My Own Mini Mystery
         On one sunny 90 degree day, 2 girls, Katie and Emily were at home, in the air conditioning, playing a board game. The curtains were open. They started blowing around. All of a the sky out side went black. “ Looks like there’s going to a storm,” exclaimed Emily.
                 “ Yep,” answered Katie. Even the dog, Max, knew a storm was coming. He whimpered and went to the girls. It started hailing and getting windy. 
                    “ You o.k. boy? ” asked Emily.
                                             10 min. later
                       “ Thats funny, ”said Katie. “ I fell popping in my ears. Lets put on the weather, ” said Katie.
                            “ TORNADO WARNING, ” the TV kept saying. Then the power went out.
                               “ There’s going to be a tornado,” said Emily. And right when    she said, a tornado was racing down the street.
                                                How did Emily know there was going to be a tornado? Write your answer in a comment. The right answer will be on post in 2 weeks. 

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Perfect Paws Pet Care

Perfect Paws
Pet Care
         Need a place for your pet[s] while you are    
on vacation?
      No problem. Just call our house.
   Your pet[s] will have all of this:
  • feeding,
  • fresh water,
  • walks,
  • love and attention,
  • play time,
  • medicine [ if necessary],    
  • a place to sleep,
  • a fenced in yard,                               
  • a kenneled area for bathroom breaks

*Pets must be good with kids and other animals.    
**Please no cats due to allergies and no reptiles due to Mom’s fear!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


                  I went to ESPN for a friends and family tour. Joe was our tour guide. I bought a new notebook from the ESPN store. Here is some of my thoughts from my notebook:
                 Some people have worked here for 25 years! This job would be cool, just watching TV and reporting all day! Maybe I’ll get a job here! Were where all of the TV shows are. The show, I’m in the band, is on Disney XD.  We see people doing a commercial.  They’re on towels with bare feet, it’s so hot! I got to go in a real studio.  And sit in real studio chairs! There are TV in the desk!  A football field on the ground! (but with no grass) There’s boards you can put down to change the field into baseball and basketball, but the football field stays in place underneath. There is a pathway leading to the studio. Now we’re in Sports Center!  There are more TVs in desks! I got a basketball script.  I can’t believe I’m in Sports Center! I’m in a control room with more TVs, and people and computers, and people working on computers. 

Who wouldn’t want to watch TV all day?  I would like to watch basketball all day long.  I had a exciting day!