Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Twister on Tuesday

August 17, 2010                 
                     A good book I read while I was on vacation was Twister on Tuesday, a Magic Tree House book. Annie and Jack get whisked to a prairie. They find a school house, where 3 kids were learning. Jack was working with a older student. He wasn't very nice. In fact, he was a bully. When they get the writing for Morgan to save Camelot they can leave. But as they get to the tree house there is a tornado! Annie and Jack go and help the kids and the teacher. Is everyone o.k? Find out in Twister on Tuesday. 
                     Right now I am reading Earthquake in the Early Morning. Its about the great San Francisco earthquake of 1906. I like these books because they have real facts in them, like the great San Francisco earthquake and tornadoes.                   
                    If you are reading the Magic Tree House books or have read them, I  
hope you enjoyed them!