Monday, September 19, 2011

My Birthday!

Just a couple days ago, well, exactly 6 days ago, I turned 11.  It was not the day I was expecting, so lets start from the begging.  

           On Friday, the 9th, I sprained my foot badly.  I was over at a friends house.  We were throwing basketballs from the top of the steps.  I wanted to see what happened when I jumped off the 4 steps and through the basketball at the same time.  I did it, and instead of landing on the ground, I landed on the last step.  I landed on the side of my foot and felt immediate pain.  I sat down thinking it would pass.  It didn’t.  I tried to walk back to the steps but couldn’t.  I hopped.  My friend went to get his mom.  She gave me an icepack.  She called my mom.  My mom had to drive me home.
                That same night I went to a walk-in.  They couldn’t find anything on the x-rays. It was a sprain.  They splinted me up and I went home.  
        The next few days I had people sign my splint and decorate my crutches.  They made me a big get well sign.  They helped me down the stairs.  They were such a big help.
             On Monday,  September 12,  I went the the orthopedic.  He said the same thing, it was a bad sprain.  He put me in one of the big black walking boots, which I am still in.  He said to still use the crutches and when it gets better, start walking in the boot.  It  really hurt.  But I got through it okay.
     So now Tuesday, September 13, 2011, my birthday.  I was supposed to go to an all day nature camp that started on my birthday, but I couldn’t go.  I was waiting for this for 6 months.  So instead of that, I invited my best friends over for a movie and popcorn.  
     They brought Lindt chocolates and my mom made brownies.  We watched Marmaduke and Chrissa. It was fun.  Then later that evening, I had my piano lesson.  Then we went to pick up my dad at the train station.  We ordered pizza, and went to pick up a cake.  By the time we got home the friendlies cake was a little melted.  We ate and sang happy birthday.  Then I sliced the cake.  
     We opened some more gifts.  I saved some for when my dad came home.  I got 2 cool mythology books, a scratch magic, 2 Harry Potter lego sets, a beautiful perfume, 2 shirts, 2 pajama bottoms, 3 plain white shirts, a hiking tool, a book, a rain gage, 2 mugs, 6 owl plates and a lego board.  From my aunt I got a shirt, a mood necklace, and 2 UCONN items.  From my cousin I got a book and a bracelet.
     So, as you can see, I had a good birthday.  Thanks for reading!
my splint

my crutches

my foot

me and cake

my nature tool

lego Harry Potter