Monday, June 28, 2010

Bridgeport and Lordship's damage

Bridgeport got a TORNADO! It ripped off  roofs, took down trees and power lines, and just did damage. It was way  worse than were I live. Lordship was closed to everyone else except for people who live in Lordship. And on our Main Street, a tree took down power lines. That part of Main Street was closed. My uncle is a police officer, and went to help Bridgeport. Me and my dad had to go to the dump. And we drove around Lordship [where we could go] and there was a lot of trees damaged. There was this one tree that was uprooted! The grass was all ripped out! It was my first time seeing a tree like that! And part of Lordship is still closed! We were quite lucky. Who would want a tornado?! I was scared with this storm, I would be freaked out with a tornado!   

Friday, June 25, 2010

Storm Update

Did you get the storm on 6/24/10? We sure did. I was watching the sky and saw a bolt of lightning! After that it really started getting windy. I showed Lilah the outside, and we ran to mom. And right after we got to mom, a big branch fell off the tree! There’s some good fire wood! We almost had to go in the basement! We were so scared. I was shaking and my heart was pumping. And the piano tuner was here! Me and him were predicting the storm would be here by 2:20, and it was!

The storm was gone pretty quick, with a lot of rain, wind and thunder!