Tuesday, July 26, 2011

So Far this Week

I know it is only Tuesday, but I have done some very exciting things this week. Yesterday we had some friends over in the morning. We played this really cool game called Nucen. You play by having at least three people on each side of a volley ball net. Since we didn't have a net we made one with rope. Then you have a soft ball and throw it back and forth. You need to catch it. If you don't catch but you touch it and then the ball touches the ground, you are out. Then the people on you team have to catch the ball with one hand to get you back in. If the ball doesn't touch you, then the closest person to the ball is out. The team that loses is the team that has no people left.  We played hide and seek, swam, ate some snacks and swam.  We also went for a scooter ride.  I got to try a motor scooter!  Now I want one for my birthday! 

That same afternoon, me and Fashionbug had a chess lesson. It was really good. We learned what the pieces are called and how they move. Then we learned some tricks. He loaned us a mini chess set and a chess book. We had a good time.

So far today, I got up, watched the weather, got dressed and went for a scooter ride. I got really cool pictures. I went down were you can see the pond. The fountain was on. There were clouds in the sky.  The clouds and the fountain together looked beautiful. And there was a perfect shot!  I went back home.  I saw a bird on the road.  But he/she went up to a branch and sadly I could not get the picture.  I also saw a squirrel.  It was behind a tree.  Its little head pooped out from behind the tree.  It was to fast a ran up the tree before I could get a picture.  There was another squirrel.  I have seen this one before.  I think he/she has a nest in one of the trees.  It was eating.  This time I got a few pictures. 

      Today is going to be fun. I will blog about it tomorrow.

What have you done so far this week?

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Lilly Pads

Pond with the clouds and the fountain

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Statue of Liberty

On Tuesday, June 28, we went to the Statue of Liberty. We took the 7:45 train in with other friends. We got in, took the subway to Battery Park were the Miss Liberty ferry takes you to the island, met other friends and set off on a great adventure.

I went to the top of the boat. It is really cool up there. It feels like you can see forever. The New York skyline is so beautiful as you ride away. The boat has three levels. I have never been on a boat so big. It even had a snack bar! The ride took about 10 minutes, and then we were there............

Okay, we made it safely to the island. Do we head over to the statue? NOPE! We eat! We found a nice grassy area and sat down. We had a big picnic. What do we do with 12 kids? We play TAG! I had allergies, so I didn't play. But mostly everybody did. It seemed liked everyone had fun. We stayed for 2 hours! Then we took bathroom breaks then off too Miss Liberty we went.

We get to the entrance. DUN DUN DUN. First of all, we can't take any backpacks in. We have to store them in a locker. That just stinks. Then we have to go through MORE security. We already went in some before we went onto the ferry. I honestly do NOT like security. But then every thing calms down.....

We go through a little museum. There is knowledge to learn, and cool things to see. There was this really cool origami Liberty. There was also Liberty glass sculptures. Those were also cool. Then we had to climb the 100 something stairs :P

All of the tickets to go up to the crown were sold out until after September. Bummer. But we still got to go out pretty high. My mom doesn't hate heights, but she hate when you will look over the side. I think she is afraid that we might fall. But I understand that. I got some pretty cool pics that I will show you.

When we got back down, we got our bags and went to catch the ferry. Standing in line was tiring. I was very HOT! When we got on the ferry, it felt very good to feel the sea breeze. We did skip Ellis Island because everybody, including me, were just to tired. So we went back to Battery Park.

We said goodbye to our friends who drove, and then saw a street show. It was amazing! One of there acts was pulling 4 or 5 people out of the crowd, ( they did not pick me ) and had them bow down. One of the men jumped over us, we were sitting down, and flipped the people! It was pretty cool. After the street show, we went to catch the train.

Before we went to the train, we took a bathroom break at a hotel. We also got snacks there. I have never ever liked coffee, but now I like a decaf vanilla late. I am on the hunt for the best late EVER!

That was our day. It was a good but tiring day. But we had fun. I just have one suggesting. Go to the Statue of Liberty in October when it is not so hot!