Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Beach Night

               I hate seaweed!  I hate it when it gets stuck around my ankles.  There is one kind of seaweed that I like to call dreadlocks because it looks like green dreadlocks.  I went on a walk further down the beach to see if there was as much seaweed.  There it was, waiting for me.  So I headed back to sit down.  At that time I was not swimming because of all that stupid seaweed.
        Claire was also coming to the beach that night.  I told her I wasn't going to swim, but we went down to the water anyway.  We went back farther down the beach where Claire went out to see if there was any seaweed.  There wasn’t!  I did go in!
    We took our foam sleds out into the water and used them as boogie boards.  It was really fun!  We stayed afloat, so I guess that is good.  I had the idea to duck dive with the sleds.  Duck diving is when you duck under the big waves so you don’t get knocked off your board.  Claire was good at it.  As we neared the end, the waves got bigger, so big that you actually got dropped after the wave passed!  It was awesome going over the big waves.
 I can not wait for the next time we go to the beach.  I know now that I can get back into the water, because I don’t have to be as afraid of the seaweed.  I don’t have to be as afraid, because I know that the seaweed is not going to hurt me.

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  1. You have been trying to overcome this fear for years. I am so proud of you. Claire is a wonderful friend.